Teenage years were filled with those awkward, who am I, thoughts. College years were filled with the, what am I doing with my life, thoughts. And now, the adult life, what legacy do I want to create for myself? It’s quiet remarkable how even when you feel the most confident there is something out there that can bring you down in a sense. Anything from your jeans just not fitting right that day or your hair not shaping your face the way you want it to. And you know, even the moments when you come home and just think, wow why can’t I have a tidy house where the laundry is always done and the kitchen countertops don’t have breadcrumbs? There is so many aspects in this world that might tare you down from time to time, it might be the smallest thing, but yet you still feel a little less confident.

Throughout the last five years I’ve learned what makes me hold my head up high and shoulders back even when things just don’t seem to be going my way. I thought I’d share with you all a few things that make me a more confident me and hopefully you as well!

Pamper yourself. My goodness I could not stress this enough. There is something about putting a face mask on, getting a fresh spray tan or doing my nails that just gives me a boost of confidence and just flat out makes me feel so good! Between work, the blog, freelancing, wedding planning, hanging out with friends and family, dates with Jordan, I never forget to make ME time. For any of you that live the similar lifestyle of always being on the go, please do not forget to have an hour to yourself!

Dress the way you want to be perceived. Not too long ago I had a job interview and the day before I was looking at my closet and realized, I need to go shopping ASAP. There is nothing more confidence building then feeling good when you walk into a room. I bought that new outfit, went to that interview feeling great and landed the job! Be that girl that people turn heads for. Be that girl that feels sassy walking down the street in heels. Be that girl that looks poised, confident and people will treat you that way.

Love others. If you’re like me and have the total resting bitch face then you know you have to go that extra step of letting people around you know that you are actually a really nice person! Show that love to others and you’ll get it in return. I have a handful of amazing friends that I will forever and ever hold on to tight. These friends have made me feel good about myself, have never belittled me or shown me disrespect, they are exactly what I, and everyone needs. Hang on to those gals.

Take risks. For starters, this blog was a total risk. And I am beyond thankful I did it. I have met so many inspiring individuals, worked with amazing brands and really developed a whole new level of confidence. Do not be afraid to do something outside of the norm, it’s totally worth the risk. And it doesn’t have to be as big as starting a blog, it’s as simple as trying a new fitness class you were scared to do. For example, I started boxing a year ago and didn’t have much experience. Now, I am in love with the sport and feel like I am so capable of tackling anyone three times my size (okay maybe I exaggerated, but still.. makes me feel good!).

Influential people on social media.  We grew up with the mindset of comparing ourselves to people we see in the media and wanting to change ourselves in negative ways. How about we take a psychological spin to that and instead, use those people to help you grow. There’s so many bloggers I follow that have 100K+ followers and they have been nothing but an inspiration. I don’t compare myself to them and instead I use them to help myself grow. So next time you look at an influential person don’t say, I wish I was like that, instead, say you’re going to be like that and better!

So for any of you that might be starting the day gloomy and just not feeling your greatest, I hope these five practices I use in my everyday life help you as well!

Top: Mainstream Boutique

Jeans: Nordstrom’s