We are back from Croatia and this is probably one of my favorite trips back home. My heart is just so full of happiness and love knowing that I got to introduce my dearest Jordan to the family and to the place I call home. I can’t begin to describe how absolutely incredible this trip was! To start off our trip we arrived at my grandmas in Krk, where we stayed. I was so excited to show Jordan the beautiful streets of Krk and all the hidden gems around the town! A little geography for those of you unfamiliar with where Croatia is and especially Krk. If you’re looking at a map, find Italy and to the right of it is Croatia, they’re separated by the Adriatic Sea. Krk is an island off of the Croatian coast. It’s the biggest island off of the mainland and where my moms and some of my dads side lives. I’m biased, but I think it’s such a dreamy, romantic and beautiful country. It’s a country that can serenade you with the Mediterranean feels or the beautiful mountain scenery. You can either lie by the beach and drink a cocktail or you can go hiking in the mountains and visit the little villages filled with so many stories. It’s one of my favorite places in the world and I cannot express enough how happy it was to bring my future husband to this dreamy land.

We spent our early afternoons at the beach, dinner time sitting around the table with my grandma laughing at stories and our evenings sipping on cocktails by the sea and devouring incredible food. Many of you have asked me what Croatian food entails. Well, it’s food I like to describe as, good for the soul. Goulash that makes your tastebuds go wild, stuffed peppers, seafood that is so full of flavor, cevapi which is a grilled dish of minced meat, kind of like skinless sausage but better then you can ever imagine. Then we’ve got pastas of all sorts, they say the Italians are the inventors of pasta but I think the Croatians have perfected it. And of course, our favorite, pizza! We would sit by the sea and devour wood fired, ham, bacon, kulen, sausage, peppered, pizza on multiple occasions. I also love how everything is fresh from the garden, homemade, organic and just flat out healthy! If you’re a totally foody, like we are, you’ll be in heaven!

Our trip to Croatia took about twelve hours, 7.5 hours to Amsterdam, then a three hour layover and 1.5 hour flight to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. My uncle and cousin were waiting to pick us up and then the last leg of the trip was a quick and beautiful two hour drive to the island. My Nona (grandma) welcomed us with warm, homemade soup and my uncle started to grill away. It was so great to have the family gather around the table and enjoy a meal together. After lunch we headed straight to the beach and then came back and took a quick nap and headed to town to celebrate the last night of the festival. People danced the streets, music played, gelato in hand and the most incredible fireworks show I’ve ever seen.

Our first few days we took time to just take it all in, we didn’t have any big plans except spending time at the beach, eating krofnes which is a Nutella or jam filled donut, and catching up with the family. Jordan and I would spend everyday wandering the charming alleys, hand in hand, taking pictures and loving up how utterly relaxed we were. We would say this on several occasions, how we just felt so at ease. We didn’t have any obligations or worries and just spent every moment enjoying our surroundings. One thing I absolutely love about the Croatian lifestyle is that it’s a slower pace then back here in the states. You don’t feel like you constantly have to rush everything or like you’re at a constant go! You are just calm and have time to take it all in!

Since this trip was long I decided to do a two part series, this first part takes you through the pretty streets of Krk, Baśka and our adventures through Plitvice Lakes. The second part will have a video taking you on the tour of our trip and showing you our island hopping trip to the islands of Rab and Pag.

Our first trip we took was to Baśka, still on the island of Krk, just the other side of where we were staying. Baśka is gorgeous, the alleys are super tight, marble steps take you on an adventure and the beach goes on forever. One thing though, it’s super busy! Which is understandable, it’s a beautiful place to visit. We spent the day there eating calamari, the biggest burger ever, laying by the beach and walking around town. Then we hopped on the bus and headed back home.

Our trip off the island was a two hour trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park to tour the beautiful lakes and waterfalls. Plitvice is known for a chain of 16 lakes, joined by waterfalls and extend into a limestone canyon. The water is incredibly crystal clear and you can enjoy it by walking the trail that takes you through the entire park. We spent about four hours hiking and taking boat and train rides that link the upper and lower lakes. If you’re in Croatia, this is definitely a must! My only recommendation though is to really study up on what days and times it’s best to visit because it gets really busy with tourists. My favorite part of going to Plitvice is going through the small villages, seeing where my dad fought in war, seeing the mountains and all the history. Seeing this actually inspired me to head back to Croatia with my dad and hike through the mountains and chat with people in the villages. I would love nothing more then learning about their way of life and hearing their stories.

Isn’t Croatia just the dreamiest? I am so happy I get to share this with all of you! This blog has been such a great outlet to show where I’m from and inspire others to visit as well. Hope you loved part 1 of our trip and I can’t wait to show you part 2!