This past year I’ve really found a love for fitness and nutrition. I love how certain workouts emphasis certain muscles in your body or how clean and organic eating make your abs pop. Call me a goof, but I find it fascinating how your body can change if you just set your mind to it. Hardest part though is doing it on your own or not having someone pushing you along the way. It’s so easy to “forget” or have a slip up for that delicious chocolate dessert, I do it all the time, I’ll be honest. I wish I could just have someone on my shoulder telling me, is it worth it? If you’re like me and need some extra guidance in making sure you stick to your plan then check out my friends at Elite Fitness & Nutrition.

Michelle and Jason, the owners of Elite Fitness & Nutrition are so determined to help guide you in the direction of achieving your goals. They offer a wide range of weight loss support, strength training, corrective exercise and bikini & figure competitions. My favorite part though is that they specialize in  1-on-1 training. This way you don’t have to feel embarrassed or rushed by others around you. It’s just you and them. They are that friend on your shoulder that guides you through the process and they really strive to have you meet your goals.

Few things they offer along with being open 24/7 is that they do small group training, get those muscles working with a great group of determined individuals, I personally love working out with a group, it pushes me more! Another awesome feature is that they offer nutrition guidance. Michelle is a certified nutrition and wellness coach and will help you through every step of your goal whether it’s weight loss, weight gain or making those abs pop! She’s also a certified yoga instructor, so if you’re like me and you’ve got all the yoga moves down but just need a little extra guidance in perfecting them, she’s here to help! She will help you really learn those poses in a 1-0n-1 training! Which I LOVE! So much better learning them in a 1-0n-1 session then having everyone stare at you!

Once you’re done working those muscles, they offer chiropractic care to remove all those kinks! You guys, they truly have it all! I’m so happy to represent Elite Fitness & Nutrition. I love the vibe they have created for their clients and how passionate Michelle and Jason are about helping others. To convince you even more about joining, Elite Fitness & Nutrition is doing a BIG giveaway! Scroll down for the details.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS (valued at $400!):

1 Fitness & Nutrition Consultation

1 In-Body Reading (it’s this awesome machine that provides you with an accurate body fat percentage & breakdown)

4 Personal Training Sessions

To participate in this giveaway head over to my Instagram and find this post:

From there, follow the steps to enter and we will announce the winner 05/21/17 at 12pm!

Also, if you’re like me and never win anything but want to visit Elite Fitness & Nutrition ASAP then head over to their website now and schedule an appointment!