Whenever I get coffee with a blogger or another creative I realize that on social media you only see that I like fashion, I’m getting married and my collaborations. So I figured I should probably do a little get to know me post! These are the questions I get often on my little coffee dates and thought I’d share with you all the answers! 

Are you a full time blogger? 

I am actually a full time graphic designer and part time blogger. I got my bachelors in graphic design and love being able to make things pretty on a daily basis! I actually do all the design work for Plum & Post, which is an online retail store where you can shop beautiful, in-trend, home decor! Check it out: plumandpost.com 

What do you do besides blogging and design? 

I love being outdoors. I’m the most antsy person when I’m cooped up inside on weekends, especially. I love spending time with my loud, Croatian, family. Going on spontaneous dates with my fiancé, Jordan. And meeting up with local bloggers!

What’s your goal for the blog? 

Honestly, there’s so many bloggers out there that I find so much inspiration from, that guide me in my daily life. Well, I want to do the same for others. Also, I love building a community of creatives and helping to empower one another to achieve our goals. You truly can’t do it on your own, you need a support system, so let’s eliminate competition and instead, support one another!

You’re from Croatia? Where is that?

I sure am! Well, I was born in Germany but my ethnicity is Croatian. So, if you’re looking at a map, find Italy and Croatia is on the right of it, right next to the Adriatic Sea. It’s so beautiful there and I can’t wait to be back there in August!

Who takes your pictures? 

Jordan takes the pictures and I edit! I am actually also a photographer! It’s more of a hobby then a business. So if you have something fun in mind, I’d love to collaborate and do a shoot!

Let me know if you have anymore questions!