Being from the Mediterranean I tend to go back to my roots when it comes to my fashion sense. I love mixing the simplistic look with the bold statement pieces. The most important thing to always keep in mind is that you want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, you want to be able to walk, sit, move comfortably. When I shop, I always look for those practical pieces that can be worn several different ways and I’m not afraid to invest a little bit more in them knowing that I will wear it for years to come. Dressing like an Italian doesn’t mean luxury, it means finding that one statement piece. It can be earnings, shoes or a skirt. Pick your statement piece and build an outfit from it, but always make sure you have that one item that really pops.

Some tips for dressing like an Italian this spring…

  1. Jewelry – we tend to go the yellow gold route when picking our jewelry. It gives off more of a classic and traditional look. I picked out this necklace because of it’s simplicity and uniqueness, plus there’s so many outfits you can pair it with.

2. That Statement Piece – my statement piece in this outfit is my high-low skirt. It’s comfortable, trendy and can be worn in several different ways.

3. Sunglasses – the bigger the better. The sun is always shining in the beautiful country of Italy, find yourself a pair of statement glasses and work it!

Can’t wait to see all of your Italian looks! Let me know if you need any tips!