About a year and half ago I took my first class of yoga and was in the shock of my life. I spent years kind of laughing at the thought of doing yoga. It just, flat-out-didn’t-interest-me. The thought of sitting in one position and breathing in and out made me laugh and I would much rather go run a mile. But, I caved one day after my friend kept asking me to go with her multiple times. I decided, fine, I’ll go (and probably laugh through it). Boy, did I get a slap in the face, yoga is no joke you guys! I’ve always been very active and in shape, but yoga definitely made me realize how absolute tense I was and showed me the muscles I never work. Let’s just say, I was very sore for about five days after.

But the way it changed my life is a whole different story. I was having really bad heartburn for months, to the point that I would wake up in the middle of the night and just bawl my eyes off with how painful it was. I went in to the doctor several times and she kept prescribing me medication (and I HATE medication but sometimes you’re just desperate). There was no reason behind the heartburn, I eat a healthy diet, I work out, I don’t drink or smoke, literally had no idea why it was happening and it was awful. Well, after my first class of yoga I decided, heck yeah I’m signing up! I went fully in and signed up for an unlimited membership at Corepower Yoga. I would go to class about three times a week and loved it. I loved the flexibility I gained, the calmness that came over me, and the class in general. About a month in, I realized something, I didn’t have heartburn anymore. It was the craziest thing. I’ve always heard of people saying that yoga helped their health in many ways but wow, is it true. Not only did my heartburn go away, but my migraines were happening less and less, I felt better everyday, I was more energized and even Jordan would say, I love the yoga you! It just inspired me even more to keep going when he said that.

Now that it has become part of my life I get so giddy about yoga mats, towels, clothing, everything! So when MamaRoo Yoga reached out to me I slightly died (with happiness, obviously). Their yoga mats are amazing you guys, like I am so obsessed! I even brought it to my bachelorette party and all the girls were swooning over how amazing the mat is. The quality is insane, it has the most amazing grip so when you’re dripping sweat, you’re not sliding everywhere, so nope, don’t need a towel anymore! Plus, it’s machine washable, has a pretty design on it (because that’s important!!), and comes with a yoga strap.

When I fall in love with a product, I will make sure you know it. So excuse me, while I probably continue to be annoying on Instagram as I rave about this mat, because it’s quiet amazing!

To get this amazing mat, follow this link: https://mamarooyoga.com/products/mamaroo-yoga-f4-yoga-mat-with-bonus-2-in-1-strap

Be sure to DM me when you get yours, would love to hear how obsessed with it you are!!