You’ve probably seen these on the face of JoJo from the Bachelorette, or Khloe Kardashian, they’re the eyewear line that gives back. From volunteering at the children’s hospital, to helping a deaf child learn to read, I have always been someone that loves to give back in any way I can. The fact that, shopping, can be considered as giving back is an amazing thing. When DIFF reached out out to me, I was so excited to be an advocate for not only these amazing quality glasses, but for the cause.

How it works, for every purchase, DIFF donates a pair of reading glasses or funds an eye exam to someone in need. Can you imagine not being able to see and not having the opportunity to change that? Some of us are so incredibly fortunate to have the money or insurance to have eyewear, contacts, doctor visits, but there are so many that aren’t as lucky. I love the fact that having this pair and being an advocate for DIFF, I can inspire others to help the millions of people on there that can’t purchase a simple pair of reading glasses.

A little about the packaging and glasses…

My glasses were delivered in a beautiful and great quality pouch to keep them safe from scratches occurring. The glasses themselves are made out of the same quality that designer glasses are.

I’ve also got the details on their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals (Thursday evening through Monday night)! They are…

Buy One Pair, 30% off your order (excludes new styles & licensing)

Buy Two Pairs, 40% off your order (excludes new styles & licensing)

Buy Three Pairs, 50% off your order (excludes new styles & licensing)

I highly suggest your next pair of eyewear to be from DIFF, or gift someone a pair for Christmas! If you’re looking to be a part of the community follow this link to shop: