This summer has been filled with so many photo shoots ranging from a collaboration with Mainstream Boutique (stay tuned on that very exciting post!), our engagement shoot and a few very fun shoots with local Minneapolis creatives. Cannot believe we’re already into August and now Jordan and I are off to Europe for the rest of the month where we will be having even more shoots! I’m going to sound totally cheesy, but you guys, thank the heavens for Smile Brilliant. It’s made me have a whole new level of confidence! The teeth whitening system is exactly what I’ve always been looking for and has been a life saver with all these photo shoots!

Few reasons why I absolutely love this system…

  1. Custom Trays! Who knew that you can get custom trays without totally breaking the bank! The first step of the process is that you get a molding kit where you make a mold of your teeth, you send that in and in about a week or so, you get your very own trays! It’s pretty exciting.
  2. It works! I feel like I’ve tried so many teeth whitening systems that do work, but it takes forever to actually see a result and it doesn’t end up lasting long. Kind of waste money in the end. So I love how cost effective Smile Brilliant is and how well it works in such a short amount of time!
  3. Customer Care! I had sent in the mold of my teeth and it ended up getting lost in the mail along the way. Luckily though, the customer service team sent over a whole new set of molding clay! I thought it was so sweet of them to do that! Good to know that they take care of their customers like that.

For you bloggers, models, brides to be, or for all of you coffee drinkers, I highly recommend this system. I am so excited to be heading off to Europe with pearly whites and am even more excited to have the opportunity to introduce you all to Smile Brilliant! Also one note to add, if you’re lucky like me, and have sensitive teeth, I recommend ordering the desensitizing solution. I have used it about every other time, but it definitely has been effective in eliminating any sensitivity!

Now, ready for the best part!? You can start your whitening experience for $50 cheaper! YAY!

Use code: NERE10 and get 10% off your order. AND! For the first two people only get $50 off your entire order with code: NERE50! HURRY!! To use your code and read about how the system works, head over to

Make sure to let me know if you have any questions and if you ordered your whitening system! Would love to hear your thoughts!



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