This past year I started taking kickboxing classes 3-4 times a week and it has seriously changed my life in so many ways. I have so much more energy throughout the day now and have developed a new form of confidence. The class I attend works your abs, legs, teaches you self defense and entails a whole lot of cardio. I’ll be honest, it’s intense and I can’t believe I enjoy it so much but I am so in love with the sport. Another thing I absolutely love about this class is that I learn something new every class. My biggest struggle with doing other workout classes is that I get bored after awhile, I hate doing the same thing over and over again so I’m super happy to be part of this gym! If you’re wanting to join, it’s called I Love Kickboxing, message me if you want more information!

The first part of the class we spend about 30 minutes doing an intense cardio/ab/leg workout to get us fired up for kickboxing. One great tip I’ve learned is to stop counting your sit ups or push ups and instead set a timer, and do as many as you can, as fast as you can! I’ve brought this routine into my daily workout routine and do it even when I don’t attend class.

Okay get your timers ready, your cute workout outfits on and music going, and remember there isn’t a break in this routine so be prepared to go for 30 minutes straight (scroll down)!

Pushups – 20 seconds

Sit ups40 seconds

Crunches30 seconds

Hip Raises30 seconds

Pushups20 seconds

Shoulder Touches40 seconds

Sit Ups30 seconds

Crunches30 seconds

Hip Raises30 seconds

Squats1:00 minute

Squats + Leg Lifts30 seconds

Pushups20 seconds

Burpees 40 seconds

Shoulder Touches30 seconds

Russian Twists30 seconds

Leg Lifts30 seconds

Hip Raises30 seconds

Squats1 minute

Repeat 3 times (you can do it, trust me!) 

Tank I’m wearing is from Define Fettle – it’s the comfiest and cutest tank ever! I wear it all the time. My leggings are from Sealed with a B which is an online boutique that will be launching soon! Stay tuned for updates.