The world of beauty products can be quite glorious. It can also be quite overwhelming as it seems a new product launches every 2 minutes. Beauty bloggers and celebrities rant and rave about their favorite and least favorite products. Sometimes these reviews are paid, other times they are genuine, causing even more confusion if you’re looking for a new beauty product that’s right for you. I’m no expert, but I do have quite an addiction to makeup and skincare. I do my best to keep up to date with the best new brands and ingredients so we’re giving our skin what’s best, while looking my best! Today, I’ve rounded up a few new beauty products that I love and can genuinely rave about. 

New beauty brand obsession : Mikasa Beauty (Scroll down for a 25% off code)

I can only imagine how trying it must be to launch a new beauty product. It’s a competitive business to be in! Mikasa beauty reached out to us several weeks back and offered for us to try any of their products we would like. Now, we can’t rave about them enough! We are so glad we gave them a try and are already back ordering a few more (ok, a lot more) items.

They are a new company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and are dedicated to mastering their craft and producing the finest quality products at competitive pricing. When we received the products, the first thing we noticed is the beautiful sleek boxes our products were packaged in, definitely builds up the anticipation of opening the box!

One of the products we ordered is the bodyography SKIN Brightening & Balancing Toner. It has changed our skin completely, giving it a brighter complexion all day long. It has definitely made it onto our list of new beauty products and we use it every day, twice a day! It smells really good as well and definitely a great pick me up for our skin!

If you need a new eye liner the bodyography Bali Bronze liner is a must have, it applies smoothly, doesn’t smear and lasts all day. After applying your liner, use the bodyography Eye Shader Brush to give it more of that natural look. This brush is a daily necessity and we are so happy about this dreamy combo!

Mikasa has their own line of oval brushes that immediately caught our eye. Oval brushes made their way into the beauty community spotlight about a year ago and have been recreated by many companies since. Having never tried them before, we figured why not. Now we know what all the hype has been about! The bristles are soft but extremely dense. It took our foundation routine to a whole new level, and we’re never looking back.

There have been quite a few bad reviews on companies trying to make cheaper oval brushes (compared to Artis, the brand that made oval brushes so popular. A set from Artis runs around $200) because the production is such a craft. Mikasa has put care and effort into the craft and kept their brushes at a very reasonable price. Hallelujah, thank you Mikasa! That is why we’re back ordering more!

Another fun little thing from Mikasa is this brush case. It has a top that snaps on and off, which was a lifesaver on our recent travels! At home, just store the top portion and store brushes on your vanity. It’s a genius little product that has made our lives oh so much easier.

Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser

If you tend to have oily skin you will love this product! I struggled for a long time to find that perfect product that won’t make my skin either too oily or too dry. GlamGlow has become my favorite face wash that I use twice a day, everyday! It is a daily cleaner that combines the power of mud and the performance of foam. It changes color once you apply it and transforms into this luxurious mud that gently and effectively foams to dissolve oil and makeup, rinsing away pore coloring debris and excess oil. GlamGlow $39.00

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer

Urban Decay blessed us all with a launch of several new beauty products a couple of months ago. Among them, was this Optical Illusion Primer. It claims to “instantly blurs the look of flaws, reduces fine lines and minimizes the appearance of pores. A tall order to fill but this product does not disappoint. The primer is a bit thicker, but goes on so smooth and does absolute wonders! Imagine put a smooth, satin sheet on your face before applying makeup. So gorgeous! Needless to say, this is our go-to primer at the moment. Found at Sephora $34.00.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Split End Mender

If you don’t have split ends, you’re probably a wizard and we need to know your secrets. We are both guilty of consistently dying our hair, forgetting to use heat protectant on occasion and yanking ponytail holders out of hair at the end of a long day. Split ends are inevitable. A couple of months ago, a sample of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Split End Mender came in the mail from Sephora and life has not been the same since! This product is a miracle! After just a few applications, the split ends started completely disappearing! Ladies, this is not a drill. This product is a must. The lotion-like substance can be used on wet or dry hair and…BONUS! It smells amazingly refreshing! Found at Sephora $24.00.

African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner

Another great new beauty product for oily skin is this skin toner. It purifies skin by removing any traces of dirt and make-up and controls shine without drying. My favorite part is that it adds this matte finish to your skin that refines the appearance of large pores. I use this product twice a day by spraying it onto a cotton ball and applying it onto my face and neck. Highly suggest any of the African Black Soap products, they have become my favorite! Ulta $10.99

Use our code NEREBEAUTY25 for 25% off your first order at Be sure to check back and let us know what you got and how you’re loving it!

We’re always up to try new things! Let us know what new beauty products you’re loving! We could all use a little more glam in our lives, are we right?!