I’m sure you hear people say all the time, “I love to travel”, I mean…who doesn’t!? For me, it means I get to learn a new culture and environment. I always like to say, Chicago is a big Minneapolis but a small New York City, it’s kind of perfect. There’s the perfect mixture of the New Yorker attitude and the Minnesotan passive aggressiveness. There’s different languages being spoken, different style of fashion (& hairstyles) and of course, an abundance of incredible ethnic foods. I love just observing others, love seeing how they handle themselves throughout the city and how they present themselves in certain situations. So yes, I love to travel, but for me, there’s more to it, there’s the concept of learning different ways of life.

We decided to spend our New Years Eve weekend exploring the streets of downtown during the day and dancing the night away at the Chi-Town Rising event (for those that aren’t familiar with this event, learn more about it here: http://chi-townrising.com) at night. Our chins were frozen most of the trip and our cheeks were rosy, but it was the most relaxing and adventurous trip.


We of course had to visit the Skydeck, for those that haven’t been here, it’s an experience! First of all, you’re shot up 103 floors in 90 seconds. The elevator is FILLED with people, you become real close, real fast. When you get to the top, your jaw drops. The views are incredible. Highly recommend it (besides the elevator ride… if you like stairs, 103 floors of them, take them!)



Of course we had to visit The Bean and pull the 16 year old “selfie kiss at the bean”.



Ladies, this jacket is from Michael Kors and my goodness, it is so warm, comfy and has the perfect gold accents to give it that fashionable appeal. Love it!


We found this hidden Catholic church that was so dreamy, peaceful and gorgeous!


One thing I really suggest to everyone is to walk the Lakefront path (preferably in the summer…) the views are incredible! This was probably my favorite part of the trip.

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We celebrated the New Year by kissing under the fireworks, confetti in the air and joys of happiness. It was an amazing experience. Unfortunately though, my hands were literally ice so I didn’t get a bunch of pictures but it was quiet magical, I promise!


Both Whitney & I have very exciting vacations coming up, we can’t wait to share! Hope everyone is able to escape this frozen tundra this winter (even if it’s to your local pool!).