I’m forever grateful for that college job at the bank that introduced me to Jordan. Four years ago, Jordan walked into the bank to do a deposit and as cliche as it sounds, the rest is history. One year after dating we moved in together, got ourselves a kitty, created a cozy home and really blossomed our relationship. There is so many times we hear our friends struggle with their relationships and it always makes us wonder, why is it so hard? Maybe it’s not just meant to be? Every relationship is different, true, but we thought that if we could share some important factors in our relationship, maybe it will help yours!

  1. Surprise each other. You don’t have to buy diamonds every week but surprise him or her with a homemade pizza, or tickets to a movie or plan a dinner date. Just keep that spark alive, like it’s your first year of dating. Make your relationship fun!
  2. Remember one another. We always make sure to just escape the world at least once a week together. We don’t plan any other distractions that will take time away from us being together. We’re pretty adventurous, so we either go hike somewhere, go lay in our hammock, explore new restaurants, we just make sure to make it “our” time.
  3. Keep your relationship issues between each other. This is one thing I think a lot of people struggle with. They are upset at one another and go vent to their friends. Don’t do it! Your friends are YOUR friends, they will choose YOUR side and will get you even more upset. Resolve your issues together and avoid complaining to others. You need to learn to work things out together and be a team.

And of course, always remember to just love one another. I heard a story once where a grandson asked his grandpa how he has made his 60 year marriage last and be so full of love? The grandpa responded with, “I make out with my wife every single day.”