The other day Jordan and I were out shopping and I totally checked him out and was like, wow, (he’s hot…) and wow, he has really good style, why isn’t he part of the blog!? I just felt super inspired to totally rethink the direction of my blog. I want to provide guys clothing inspiration as well and I totally think Jordan is the perfect way to do that! When I pitched this idea to him I thought he would laugh and say, I’ll stick to taking the pictures, but to my surprise, he was totally in! Now, he might have been determined to partake in the blog because he just got some really nice new Sperry’s but I’m just going to ignore that thought and be over the moon that we are now a fashion blogging couple!

Our next few shopping trips will be dedicated to finding perfect pieces to wear to Europe in August. We’re staying with my family in Krk, Croatia, which is a very Mediterranean environment. We’ll be spending our days at the beach and our nights hanging out with friends and drinking cocktails by the water. You guys, I am so excited!! This is the first time Jordan will actually be meeting my family besides my mom, dad and sister. And the first time we’ll be going to Croatia together! I cannot wait to introduce him to the beautiful Croatian culture, stuff our faces with incredible seafood and tour the Croatian cities together. This will literally be a dream come true!

Let me know what you all think of us teaming up to do a fashion blog, together! Love to hear your thoughts or anything you’d like to see us blog about!

Outfit details

Dress: H&M | Buy it here.

My shoes: Steve Madden | Buy similar here.

Jewelry: The Limited

Purse: Vera Bradley

Jordan’s top: Calvin Klein | Buy similar here.

Jordan’s shorts: Oakley | Buy it here.

Jordan’s shoes: Sperry | Buy it here.