I have started this sentence about five times now. It’s so hard to put into writing how incredible our wedding day was. I cannot believe that it has been a little over a month since we said our “I do’s” in front of 85 of our closest friends and family. As I reflect back on December 2, I cannot believe how fortunate we are. We had guests from all over the United States and Canada come to celebrate our marriage. We had the most beautiful and sunny day. We had the best wedding vendors. And overall, we had the best wedding day we could ask for.

The morning of our wedding I woke up in complete calmness. Usually I am someone that is always on the go and ready to tackle the day. But on December 2, I was so peaceful; it was weird. My mom, sister, flower girl and my new aunt (my family couldn’t come to my wedding so I adopted a new aunt) headed to Spalon Montage to get our hair done. I went with a very vintage 1920s look that I thought would go perfectly with our entire wedding theme. Once our hair was done we headed back to the hotel and everyone started joining us. We popped champagne and made some mimosas, got our makeup done and had a dance party on the bed with my sister.

Putting on my jewelry was so sentimental to me. My “something blue” was a pair of blue diamond earrings my mom gifted me. My “something borrowed” was a beautiful bracelet from BHLDN from my amazing friend Brianna. And my “something new” was my incredible dress from A & Be Bridal in Minneapolis. As I was putting on the final touches it started to really kick in that this is actually happening.

We made our way to the church for some pictures before the ceremony and that was when I had to do everything in my power to hold back the tears (makeup is expensive). I was taking pictures with my mom when it really hit me. Seeing her cry and just be so happy for me made me melt. Jordan and I chose to not see each other before the ceremony, so once the girls were done with pictures we went and hid. While sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin, I just would get constant chills. I just couldn’t believe that the day I had always dreamed about was here, that I was the bride!

The ceremony began and dad and I were standing behind the closed doors and I asked him, “dad do you like Jordan,” I wanted to get the final “yes” from my dad. He looked at me and just said, “What kind of question is that? Of course I like him” I just smiled and the doors opened and we made our way. I pretty much wanted to run to Jordan, he looked so incredibly handsome and I was so excited!

My favorite part about the ceremony was looking out at everyone, watching my sister struggle between crying and laughing and holding Jordan’s hand. We said our “I do’s”, walked down the isle, signed the papers and we were married! Guests headed to the Copper Hen and we headed downtown Minneapolis to take pictures. We ended up having forty minutes after pictures to just hang out, so we went back to the hotel and just had a moment to ourselves, which was so nice. We laid down on the bed, feet up and just kept saying, “that just happened”. I’m so thankful for those forty minutes of just alone time and being able to regroup from such a busy morning and afternoon.


While guests waited, they were served meats, cheeses, breads, and cocktails. The tables were decorated with gold branches, tulle down the center, Christmas decorations and candles everywhere. We arrived to the venue and came dancing in with glasses of champagne held high and lots of clapping. Our dinner started right away and we indulged in an amazing brussel sprout ceaser salad, followed by steak, lobster gnocchi and chicken. 1920s music played in the background and Jordan and I were just over the moon with happiness. Then came the speeches, and my goodness did we have a lot of tears from just about everyone. My sister’s speech was probably my favorite part of the night because she just killed it! It was so raw, passionate, honest and funny. One time I had looked up and just saw people crying, people I never expected to cry. It was beautiful. After the speeches, we had five different kinds of cupcakes served and the dance party began! It was so fun dancing with my husband, friends and family and it was just the perfect way to end our wedding!

I am so lucky to have found someone that loves and cares for me as much as my father always has. Jordan is seriously a dream come true, and I am so excited to see what our future entails.

Thank you so much to everyone that came to our wedding and to all of the incredible vendors who made our wedding possible!

Photography: Michaela Graw

Wedding Dress: A & Be Bridal Minneapolis

Hair: Brandi at Spalon Montage

Mens suits: Mens Warehouse

Flowers: Studio Fleurette

Catering/Wedding Cake/Venue: The Copper Hen Kitchen & Bakery

DJ: Midwest Sounds

Tan: Go Glow

Invitations: Me! Being a graphic designer it only

made sense I designed my own invites!