Couple months ago I had talked myself into finally going very light and getting an ombre done to my hair. My dear friend Brandi, from Sealed with a B is a total girl boss, she not only runs her own online boutique but also does hair! We got together one Saturday morning and spent all morning/early afternoon getting my hair blonde to perfection. I was so ecstatic with the turnout and mostly thankful for Brandi taking her time to make sure it turns out exactly how I wanted it! One thing I was so excited to learn about was Purple Shampoo, being a brunette I have never had the need to know about this product. To you brunettes out there, this will change your hair and life!

Purple shampoo refrains your blonde hair from going that unappealing copper color. It brightens those blonde locks and makes you look like you just got your hair done, again! The most exciting part, my hair is naturally black and really thick, so getting my hair done is really time consuming and costly, having purple shampoo definitely helps me not break the bank!

I got my Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo from Ulta for $36.00. It’s a 25oz bottle and will definitely last a while since you only want to do this treatment once a week. Plus, they’re doing a special right now, if you buy a bottle you get a free gift! Click here to purchase yours.

For you brunettes out there that don’t have highlights, you can still use this shampoo! I actually recolored my hair back to dark, and still use this shampoo once a week. It makes my hair brighter, shiner and so soft!

Also, if you’re in the Twin Cities and looking for an amazing hair girl, you’ll love Brandi! Make your appointment today:




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