Hey everyone, hope you had a great Superbowl weekend! Jordan and I stayed in all weekend since the Superbowl was literally ten minutes away from our home, we didn’t want to deal with all the craziness! But, it was super fun to see all the celebrities hanging out in our beautiful city of Minneapolis! 

In today’s post I wanted to share with you my newest obsession, the Evian Natural Mineral Facial Spray. Being a graphic designer/blogger I am always on my computer and I feel like once I remove myself from the screen my face just needs an extra boost of energy. My Evian Facial Spray is always in my purse now and I usually spray it lightly on my face after lunch to revive my makeup and hydrate my skin.

I’ve also been using it in the mornings before applying my makeup. Since my skin is so sensitive I love how the Evian Facial Spray is light and toxic free. I spray my skin after washing it and take a makeup sponge and just blend it in well. Then I apply my makeup and it goes on so much more smoother and neater.

With Valentine’s Day almost here, most of us will be going on our dates right after work, make sure you have a bottle of Evian Facial Spray to look nice and refreshed for your hot date!

To get your bottle of Evian Natural Mineral Facial Spray go to www.evianspray.com

Have a happy week!



(Thank you Evian for sponsoring this post)