If you follow me on Instagram then you’re very well aware of my fascination with my girl Brandi, the owner of Sealed with a B. I’ve been sharing with you all some sneak peeks of her beautiful new clothing hitting her new online boutique that is now LIVE! Sealed with a B clothing is a perfect mixture of date night outfits, lounging on the couch or even cute workout attire. I am so ecstatic to represent Sealed with a B and cannot wait to see you all wearing your very own Sealed with a B clothing. Scroll down to get a 20% off coupon! 

My friendship with Brandi started back in December when Brandi sent me this email:

“Hi there! My name is Brandi (sealedwithab). I just recently found you on Instagram (found you under the #mnblogger). Anyway, the reason I am reaching out to you is I’d love to work with you in the future. I notice you are a photographer/blogger. I’m in the works of having an online boutique. I also am a MN blogger. Would love to chat! I could use you for future shoots for my clothing.  (that is if you do that kind of photography).”

We met for coffee and it was fate, I found my brain twin! Her energy and drive to succeed is exactly the type of person everyone should surround themselves with. If you attended the NE+RE launch party then you probably met her sparky attitude and saw her beautiful clothing. Since the launch party, she has been redesigning her website, branding and filling her store with some gorgeous new pieces. It has been so fun being part of this journey with her and I cannot be more excited to introduce to you all Sealed with a B!
Use Code: SEALDED20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order. sealdwithab.com