In the last couple years I have become very concentrated on skincare and what products I am putting on my face. Being someone that wears makeup everyday, it is so essential to use proper skincare remedies on a daily basis. If you read our post New Beauty Products We Love + 25% Off Coupon Code then you know that my skin tends to run on the oily, sensitive side. Unfortunately, I deal with this issue all year long and need to be very aware of the products I am using.

Throughout my process of experimenting, I have found my perfect skincare routine that I do every morning and night.

My morning routine:

Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser

I use this cleanser as my morning routine everyday. Read all the details about the product here: New Beauty Products We Love + 25% Off Coupon Code

Clearasil Ultra – Rapid Action Pads

After I’m done with my cleanser I use the Clearasil Pads to whip away any access dirt and minimize pores. I’ve been using this product for 10+ years and it has always been my must have.

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream

I’ve tried several under eye serums, ranging in price from $9-$60. This one has become my favorite product and most affective. I apply a thin layer under my eye every morning.

SKIN Brightening & Balancing Toner

My final morning routine is spraying on this toner from Mikasa. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a product so much! It brightens my complexion and gives me a refreshed look and feel. Read more about it here: New Beauty Products We Love + 25% Off Coupon Code

My night routine:

African Black Soap Clarifying Cleansing Facial Wipes

After rinsing my face I use these cleansing wipes to remove any access makeup. I’ve never realized how much makeup I still have on my face until I started using these wipes. This has become my favorite skin care product line, it removes any access oil, is gentle to the skin and provides a deep clean.

Sweet Raspberry Softening Facial Cleanser 

This is a new remedy for me! Recently we partnered with Careology Skincare whose #1 goal is to provide sustainable products for sensitive skin. I ordered the Sweet Raspberry Softening Facial Cleanser as my everyday wash. Its ingredients include, coconut oil that softens the feel and appearance, and raspberry extract that replenishes your skin (and makes it smell super yummy!).

After using this product twice a day for three days I found my skin to be getting really oily and started to break out. I switched to using the cleanser before I go to sleep and using the Supercleanse for my morning routine. Since doing that my skin isn’t getting oily anymore, feels constantly refreshed and so smooth! One thing to remember, every skin is so different, my skin might have gotten oily and sensitive but it doesn’t mean yours will!

Head over to to purchase yours and get 15% off with code: CareologyLove

African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner

I finish my night routine by saturating a cotton ball and patting in all over my skin and neck. This product removes blemishes and any access oil. Read more about it here: New Beauty Products We Love + 25% Off Coupon Code

And like always, if you end up using these products or currently use them I’d love to hear your thoughts!