Happy Valentine’s Day! On this L.O.V.E. day I wanted to share with you all my recent exciting news, Jordan proposed, we’re engaged! I wanted to share with you all a little glimpse into how we met, our first date and the big proposal! So here it goes…

How we met:

Four years ago I was working my college job at the bank when this tall, dark haired guy walks in. As he was standing in line to make his deposit, I mastered the art of helping four customers in a row, in under 2 minutes. Sure, I probably didn’t provide 5 star service but that wasn’t my goal, my goal was to help that tall, dark haired hottie. He steps up to my window and says, “hey how’s it going”, you guys, I literally froze, what’s happening, why am I not speaking, why are my hands sweaty, okay but literally, what’s happening right now? I melted. After I got done helping him, I walked over to my co-worker and told her that this guy needs to be my boyfriend. No guy has ever made me completely freeze in place by just saying hi!

From there, my co-workers were on a mission to get his number because I was way too scared to do it myself. Days later, I was handed his number and my heart raced, what do I do now? I decided to play it cool… I waited two days before I texted him. From there, we talked non-stop until he finally asked me on a date.

The First Date:

We decided we would go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art at 2 o’clock on a Thursday. The big first date day came and I hadn’t heard from him, I didn’t know if he was picking me up or if we were meeting there. 2 o’clock rolled by and I was in strong hatred mode, how dare he ditch me! Half hour later I’m getting a call, it’s him. I answer and he says, are you here? Long story short, he thought we were meeting there and I thought he was picking me up.

We walked around the MIA, talked, got to know one another, and I just knew that this guy was a complete dream. He was unbelievably respectful and such a gentleman, I just felt so content and happy with him.

The Proposal:

Oh this day, it’s funny every time I think about it. So, I had decided to do some spring cleaning (in February?) when I finally decided to take down some bottles we had on top of our kitchen cabinets. I climbed my way up there and found a pretty little box hiding. I sat down and just kept smiling and thinking, do I open it? I texted my mom telling her I found it, and if she thinks I should open it? She calls me and yells at me to not touch it! Immediately following, my sister calls and yells at me to not open it. Then, both of them are calling Jordan to tell him I know! So later on that night I went to kickboxing and come home to our entire place covered in candles, and I mean our entire place! It was so incredibly romantic and “so us” and a total surprise. I was speechless, this was happening, oh my gosh! He got down on his knee, both of us shaking, and asked me to marry him.

What Now?

We’re in high gear of wedding planning (well, my sister is). What I’m most excited about is our two small family’s becoming one big family. Creating a lifetime of big family gatherings, of memories, together. Okay wow, I’m about to cry…

Well before I start creating puddles, just want to say thank you to all of our friends & family for all the love. It has been an amazing adventure thus far, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!