I am such a sucker for purses, I love the way they complete an outfit and how they are so intricate and beautiful. Purses are one thing that I don’t mind spending a little extra for, especially since it’s an every day necessity. I’ve been on the hunt for a medium sized purse that is an every day wear, that has plenty of room but isn’t too big, can be worn over the shoulder but transitioned into a handbag and has unique detailing. I discovered this Vera Bradley purse (pictured) at Nordstrom Rack and didn’t think twice about it, I had to have it! I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the price tag and found out it was only $89! Most of all of my designer purses are from either TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack. It might take longer to find your perfect purse when you shop at these stores but when you do find one, get it! Scroll down to see some under $100 purses.

Here are some designer purses under $100 that are a total must have! (Click on the purse for the link)