This past Saturday my mom, sister, future mother-in-law and I set out to buy my wedding dress! Still feels so surreal that this is actually happening! We started off at 9am at A & Be Bridal Shop in Minneapolis fully awake, excited and ready to find the dress! Walking into the store we were greeted by Elizabeth who is literally the nicest and most helpful human being ever! She was determined to help me find the perfect dress, she supported the thought of doing something totally different and really stuck to my budget. 

We picked out four dresses to start with, the first three were my choice, the last one was hers. I tried on my picks and loved them all but I still wasn’t 100% positive in them. Elizabeth asked me to try on her choice and as she was clipping it tighter on me, my eyes started watering. I walked out to show my family and my sister starts crying and just saying, “oh my gosh…”. That was the moment that I just knew that this was my dress. It is so unique and not your typical wedding dress design, which is exactly what I wanted! We celebrated with champagne at 10 o’clock in the morning!

Here are some of the dresses I tried on, the one I ended up picking out is totally different from all of these!

Even though I knew this was my dress I wasn’t ready to quiet say yes yet. We went to our next appointment at the Whiteroom in Minneapolis and I loved everything I put it on but it still didn’t evoke the same emotions as the dress at A & Be. We left and went to The Bridal Shoppe in St. Paul, I tried three dresses on, stopped, looked at the girl helping me and just said, “I’m sorry, I found my dress already and I don’t want to try anymore on”. I felt bad, but I just did not want to waste her time anymore, I am too in love with “the” dress. So we left and went back to A & Be, I put on my dress one more time, had another glass of champagne and said, “yes to the dress”!

Any ladies out there engaged in Minnesota, I cannot express enough how amazing the ladies at A & Be were. You want to have a great experience finding your dress and that is exactly what these ladies strive to do! Not only is the service incredible but the dresses are so unique and will definitely make you feel like a beautiful bride. The shop is definitely “Instagram” worthy, each dressing room comes with plenty of seating for your group, the accessories are stunning and the veils are beautiful! I highly recommend shopping here for your wedding dress!

Can’t wait to show off my dress to you all! Want to book an appointment to find your magical dress? Head to