Well this weekend was interesting to say the least! Jordan and I spent it at a Marriage Retreat learning how to have a successful marriage and how to never give up when times get tough. We attended this retreat because we’re getting married in a Catholic Church and it’s one of the requirements. To be totally honest, it was probably the longest two days ever. The retreat was mainly couples in the parish speaking about their experience in marriage and giving us pointers. As we sat there for ten hours I really starting realizing how strong of a relationship Jordan and I have. Some might benefit from this retreat but Jordan and I have been together for over four years and have lived together for over three (yes, yes, it’s a bad thing that we’re living together when it comes to the Catholic Church), we have grown to understand what makes our relationship work. Listening to these couples talk mainly about their struggles, made us appreciate each other ten times more. We have built a strong foundation together and I’m so excited to see it get even better as husband and wife.

Alright so besides this retreat which was all of Friday night and all of Saturday, today we woke up to a crazy storm, watched a movie, and now we’re grilling away (well, Jordan is). We both have such a crazy busy lives that it’s the absolute best when we get to spend a weekend together!

Now about this outfit, gosh do I love it!! These pants are the comfiest things ever! You can dress them up with a pair of wedges or throw on a pair of sandals for a casual day. Best part, I got them for $18 at TJ Maxx!! Score!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!