This past weekend I took to the hills to destress from all the NE+RE launch party activities. Welch Village is a ski and snowboard resort about an hour south from the Twin Cities located in a quaint little town of Welch. Getting to the resort you drive down winding streets with trees covered with snow on either side. Once you enter the town of Welch there’s the cutest little ice cream shop, a post office that looks like it’s from the 1800’s and a local bar and restaurant, it’s so dainty and adorable.

The resort is one of the bigger ones in Minnesota (especially for southern Minnesota), there’s a front and back side perfect for beginners or the advanced. If you ski down the back side of the mountain you’re rewarded with a bar and restaurant waiting for you at the bottom. The front of the restaurant is equipped with tables, perfect for relaxing after you come flying down the double black diamond hill.

We had gone with a group of 10+ people and got a very awesome deal, $57 for rental and the lift tickets per person. The resort also has a food court that serves Gyros, Burgers, Pizza’s, etc.; the food was actually really good and the perfect afternoon break before we hit the slopes again.

For those that haven’t visited Welch Village, I highly recommend it. Our first time skiing at Welch was so much fun and we can’t wait to go back!