First of all, thank you all so much for voting on my Instagram story on what you would like to see as my next blog post be. It was such a close vote, one point to be exact, but, “What I learned about being engaged” won! 

To start this off, I cannot believe that I am married! Our wedding was so incredibly romantic and so fun. It’s so crazy how fast it has all gone. I wanted to share with you all what I learned about myself throughout this experience, what I learned about the people I surround myself with, and what I’m going to take away from this experience.

What I learned about myself…

I really learned what I want and who I am. I thought I already knew that, but this experience made me realize that in a way, I can be a pushover. And it’s so funny for me to say that, and in a way I can’t believe I am admitting to it! Mainly because I always tell Jordan to stop being a pushover and to go for what he wants. Hypocrite much? How I realized I was having “pushover” tendencies is that I was letting other’s opinions of the “perfect wedding” take over and I started disregarded my vision on what I thought was the perfect wedding. So, I had a meltdown and after all the tears were gone I realized that if I don’t go for what Jordan and I want, we will not get it. My biggest advice to those newly engaged is, do not forget what you want, this is a once in a life time opportunity and you need to stick to your guns!

What I learned about friends…

Boy, this has been an interesting year of learning a lot about friendships. When we got engaged, I had people saying, “now is the time you’ll really realize who your real friends are.” And wow was that true! I learned to eliminate negativity and anybody that wasn’t supportive. I really treasure those incredible friends that would text me the countdown, that would ask if I need any help, that would be my support system through it all. It’s just so incredible when you find that great group of girls that you know will be lifetime friends. My advice when it comes to friends, don’t let anyone drag you down, don’t let anyone disrespect you or the people around you, this is such a beautiful time in your life and you should be able to enjoy it without any unnecessary distractions.

What I’m taking away from this experience…

Now that it is all over, one thing I will be taking away from the “engaged” experience is to really treasure little moments. From the moment we got engaged to the day of our wedding, we had so many amazing moments that I will forever hold dear. One of them being on Thanksgiving day when both of our families sat around the table creating our gift boxes for our guests. I loved just looking up and taking it all in, because without them, none of this would be happening. Remember to “look up” and just enjoy the experience.

Thanks again for all of you that voted for this blog post! I love sharing genuine and personal blog posts that might inspire someone.

Photography by the amazing Michaela Paige Photography