It’s September, which means, birthday month! Because, yes, I think you should be allowed to celebrate all month long! With my birthday 9 days away, I started reflecting on everything that has happened this past year, on everywhere I’ve been and on everything I’ve done. Last year I made it a goal to make it the best year yet, and I did exactly that. I traveled to Florida a couple times, Chicago, New Orleans, and just got back from Croatia. Rebranded the blog, threw a launch party, and grew it to be exactly what I want! I modeled for Kindred Folk for their spring clothing launch. I’ve collaborated with brands that are totally dream worthy. I modeled for Mainstream Boutique. I’ve met entrepreneurs, bloggers, fashionistas. And my favorite, I got engaged to my best friend.

This year has been remarkable. But even though I’ve faced so many incredible and beautiful moments this past year, I’ve also gone through the bad. I’ve lost friends, had career changes, health issues. Sometimes it felt like my luck was all over the place, like it could never just stay consistent. So even though tears have been shed, I’m thankful for all the negativity. Odd thing to say, right? But it has shown me a lot, it has shown me who I want to surround myself with and who I want to be. It has taught me to never quit and always keep chasing and achieving my dreams. If I let the negativity take over I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all the things I did.

So, now I’m off to year 25 on the 12th. I’ll be honest, in the last month I’ve had several curve balls thrown at me and I’m not thrilled about starting 25 with challenges but I continue to look back at everything I was able to accomplish this past year and can’t help but smile thinking about what’s to come. I’m going to start a business that I’ve wanted to for years but was always terrified to. I’m going to travel to more places. I’m going to get married! I’m going to try new things and meet new people. I’m going to make sure that this will be the year that will change my life. So bring it on 25, I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

Now, what to do for my birthday?? I need your ideas! Message me or DM on Instagram, I’d love to hear what are your favorite things to do in Minneapolis an what restaurants are a must!